nortel VoIP Phone System Install

It can be a daunting task partnering with the PBX vendor that is able to support your organizations telecom needs in a timely manner thisi is where New York based Telecomanda comes in to play. Nortel  was sold to Avaya in 2009 and Avaya has stopped supporting Nortel in its entireity nor do the produce new equipment. Nortel was the most sold and widely used  office phone system on the market for years as a result there are still many Nortel PBX system in use today. For support on your existing Nortel Business Phone System or purchasing refurbished office phones, cards, make Telecomanda your go to support partner for your Nortel Business Phone system in New York and surrounding areas. 

Nortel Office Phone System, Repair, & Maintenance, Service

For Nortel Business Phone System support, installs, reparis, refurbished equipment and all MACDs gie us a call at Telecomanda.

Nortel Small Business Phone Systems 2 line phone

  • Nortel Norstar
  • Nortel Meridian 
  • Nortel BCM 50
  • Nortel BCM 450
  • Nortel MICS
  • Nortel CICS

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Nortel Norstar, Nortel Meridian, Nortel BCM 50, Nortel BCM 450, Nortel MICS, Nortel CICS New York, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens The Bronx